Frequently Asked Questions

Connection Sulutions

If you have problems connecting to the database, you first thoroughly read this page. If you do not find a solution, please see your problem.

database may be unavailable due to the following reasons:

service is not installed Firebird Server Default Instance

check the Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Services if it is installed and run the service Firebird Server Default Instance

service is not running Firebird Server Default Instance

check the Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Services if it is installed and run the service Firebird Server Default Instance

Your computer is protected by a system firewall

Enable port 3050

Your DNS server does not placement database

Manager Start-up and write the connection string localhost The result will be as follows: localhost:C:\Program Files\MGSuite\MGSuite.fdb or sweep the path to the location where the file MGSuite.fdb

error while trying to open file

path in the connection string does not match the path of the file portal.gdb

Your user name and password are not defined

this error occurs on the computer where the database administrator changed the password for SYSDBA user or have entered wrong username or password. Default:
Password: masterkey
a. enter the correct username and password in connection manager
b. Download the latest connection manager and upload it to the Companys Portal directory in Program Files. Tab Firebird is described next steps to add a new user.

unsupported disk structure

error is caused by installing the older version of Firebird or Interbase.
Solution: Uninstall the older Firebird in a way that open the Control Panel-> Add or Remove Programs and uninstall or Firebird. Interbase all components. When asked to remove the DLL libraries answer YES to all. Furthermore, re-run the installation Company's Portal and install the program again. (Newer installation includes advanced Firebird server installation and the installation select this option) If for some reason need to use the older version of Firebird, the "Downloaddownload database file for older database Firebird 1.5

CHARACTER SET WIN1250 is not defined

At first, restart your computer, or at least service Firebird Server Default Instance.
If the restart does not help, this problem may occur on a computer with Windows XP, which was not updated at least Service Pack 2Installing the library is automatically part of the Firebird server, but will only situation where it is present on your computer Windows Installer (Windows Installer) at least version 3.0. This part of Windows takes care of the management of installed programs.Version of the installation services can be displayed MSIEXEC. Windows XP without Service Pack 2 contains Windows Installer 2.0 only, to install the libraries and, therefore, not the Firebird server is not working properly.
Solution: The computer is needed, first update the Windows Installer version 3.1 to download and install, for example, from this link (a file called WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe to the bottom of the page). Another option is to make a full Windows XP, at least to the level of Service Pack 2 After you install the update, restart your computer.


Firebird installer did not find the installation software Windows Installer ver. 3.1 or higher. It is necessary to install the Windows Installer, and then repeat the installation again.

Other problems

can be removed manually re Firebird database.First uninstall the Firebird database server from the Control Panel-> Add or Remove Programs-> Firebird. Then download Firebird ver. 2.1 and install it manually.